2017 Range

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G13 Hashplant
This strain is genetically composed of G13, crossed with Hashplant, has proved itself to be one of the best indoor breeding plants, and has a high resin yield and strong potency. Finishing times are generally in the 60 to 70 day window and grows to a medium height with a medium to high yield. This strain has short inte..
High Priority
High Priority grows tall with sativa like traits, however in the smoke it delivers an indica dominant effect. Due to these Indica traits, she produces a strong, fruity skunk smell with intense flavour that leaves a luscious aftertaste. She has a short flowering time of 55 days, and produces a vast amount of resin...
Lemon AID
The first hybrid out of 710 Genetics Seeds collection with high CBD level, Lemon AID was created by crossing Lemon Diesel with Super CBDX. The resulting strain keeps the characteristic for Lemon Diesel; long buds and broad leaves. Its aroma and flavour is very strong and will reveal the lemon diesel smell tow..
Lemon and Lime
Very aromatic (sour smell with lemon and lime undertones) and Sativa dominant hybrid created by blending together Sour Lemon OG and Lemon Diesel. Lemon and Lime has some serious power which can creep up on you, but it also makes it perfect for stimulating body and mind. The flavour is described as a complex mix ..
Lemon Candy
Lemon Candy is a new combination from 710 Genetics Seeds. The citrusy aroma with some diesely undertones is combined with sweet candy flavour and the result is truly amazing. It is uniquely refreshing and intriguingingly individual plant.  ..
Lemon Pineapple
Crafted over many years from the genetics of Lemon Diesel and Pineapple. Lemon Pineapple delivers a pineapple aroma with some lemon and apple undertones. Due to its Sativa domination has very powerful effect and stays for long. Perfect for daytime use as it is very energetic. ..
A distintive cross created by mixing together Lemon Diesel with 710 Cheese. Perfect for UK Cheese fans. In this hybrid two different phenotypes got mixed - cheesy Indica and quicker flowering diesel. Lemonheadz is hard hitting and truly powerful, do not underestimate this little creeper. ..
This elite marijuana strain has been created by a selection process of an old gene lineage: a classic Skunk#1. Crossed with an almost pure indica, the phenotype is a delicious cocktail of sweet, fruity aromatic flavours of mango, pineapple and exotic wood. This resinous strain develops strong stable structure that prod..
Majestic Lemon
A fantastic resin producer with an intense taste, Majestic Lemon has a fruity flavour but also a powerful lemony aroma from the Lemon Range heritage. Created by crossing highly renowned, high in cbd Queen mother with Lemon Diesel OG. This almost pure sativa strain is perfect in the morning and daytime for med..
Old White Widow
The Old White Widow cannabis strain's most famous trait has to be its copious resin production. Its leaves are petite, dark and shiny, but remain quite wide. When you rub the stems of the plant, a sweet, sour and very strong smell is released. This plant's production may seem minimal compared to some of the strains, bu..
Pure Jack
Pure Jack is among the creme de la creme of strains 710 Genetics has in their inventory and maybe one of the most unique cannabis strains you will come across. This strain truly deserves recognition as an all time great. When they reach their peak, the buds are heavy with clear trichomes and appear to be suga..
This pure indica marijuana strain is the outcome of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. Purps secretes a delicate and earthy scent with sweet overtones typical of Kush varieties. A highly resinous strain with frosty buds that finishes in 8-9 weeks. The effect is a pure indica feeling; blissful, long-lasting euphoria..
Shellshock's ancestry involves one of the most popular strains in the world. 710 Genetics Amnesia Haze cross combines the standard strong cerebral effect with a beautiful fruity taste. Shellshock can take up to 14 weeks to flower, but produces high yields and can grow very tall.  ..
Amnesia Haze crossed with White Shark for that old school smell and taste. The combination of Sativa and Indica work very effectively together on this cross. This Indica dominant strain is medium in height and flowers in around 70 days to produce a medium size yield. Smog grows running sativa colas with Indica influenc..
Solace is another amazing strain from 710 Genetics. It has been obtained by crossing Haze with a non-dominant indica UK Clone and Skunk. The end result is a nice strain that maintains the sativa effects. The strong high leaves you feeling happy and clear headed. ..
Sour White
Sour White is the product of two very popular parent strains; the backcrossed Widow Mother breed and an elite Sour Diesel Male parent. Sour White is a perfect balance of these two great strains. It has a good THC content and a medium yield. Sour White has an earthy-diesel taste with tones of pine, giving this stra..
Super Shark
710 Genetics Seeds has combined two amazing marijuana strains White Widow and Skunk#1. The pairing of these strains has produced a very robust plant that is good for beginners and experienced growers alike. This indica dominant strain flowers in 9-10 weeks, with fat, serrated leaves and dense, chunky colas on a squat p..
Super Stinky
This strain has been created by backcrossing the legendary Skunk with an elite U.S genetic. Super Stinky is an indica dominant strain that produces dense fat buds that are extremely pungent with a sweet taste. The effect is relaxing; ideal for those suffering from pain. Super Stinky is a super-fast, big producer with a..