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Shellshock's ancestry involves one of the most popular strains in the world. 710 Genetics Amnesia Haze cross combines the standard strong cerebral effect with a beautiful fruity taste. Shellshock can take up to 14 weeks to flower, but produces high yields and can grow very tall.  ..
Amnesia Haze crossed with White Shark for that old school smell and taste. The combination of Sativa and Indica work very effectively together on this cross. This Indica dominant strain is medium in height and flowers in around 70 days to produce a medium size yield. Smog grows running sativa colas with Indica influenc..
Solace is another amazing strain from 710 Genetics. It has been obtained by crossing Haze with a non-dominant indica UK Clone and Skunk. The end result is a nice strain that maintains the sativa effects. The strong high leaves you feeling happy and clear headed. ..
Sour White
Sour White is the product of two very popular parent strains; the backcrossed Widow Mother breed and an elite Sour Diesel Male parent. Sour White is a perfect balance of these two great strains. It has a good THC content and a medium yield. Sour White has an earthy-diesel taste with tones of pine, giving this stra..
Super Shark
710 Genetics Seeds has combined two amazing marijuana strains White Widow and Skunk#1. The pairing of these strains has produced a very robust plant that is good for beginners and experienced growers alike. This indica dominant strain flowers in 9-10 weeks, with fat, serrated leaves and dense, chunky colas on a squat p..
Super Stinky
This strain has been created by backcrossing the legendary Skunk with an elite U.S genetic. Super Stinky is an indica dominant strain that produces dense fat buds that are extremely pungent with a sweet taste. The effect is relaxing; ideal for those suffering from pain. Super Stinky is a super-fast, big producer with a..
Sweet Cheese
Two high grade cannabis strains has been crossed to create this mouth watering variety. 710 cheese (a cut of the Exodus Cheese from the UK) is blended with the super sweet taste from the White Candy that gives this variety a new twist to the aromas and flavour of 710 cheese. This strain with very dense buds and a ..
Tropical Berry
710 Genetics Seeds Tropical Berry is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa that is extremely popular due to the fact it is perfectly balanced, it has a fruity and sugary aroma and best of all it has a flowering period of 56 days! The Tropical Berry produces medium-sized plants with colourful flowers - there may be a sligh..
Tropical OG
This Indica dominant strain has been created by crossing the OG Kush with an elite clone that produces fantastic buds densely coated in THC. Tropical OG may have a lower yield than some other strains but this is more than compensated by its resin coated flowers. This strain flowers anywhere between 8 to 9 wee..
White Candy
White Candy is a great strain for beginners; mould resistant and fast flowering. It is a very forgiving plant, which makes it possible to cultivate for an excellent crop of large buds which are absolutely covered with sticky resin. This plant is coated in crystals in appearance and the smell is deliciously sweet w..