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Girl Scout Cookies
Girl scout cookies is an Indica dominant strain with a 40% sativa content originating from California. With a high THC levels GSC produces a powerful happy euphoric high, which can be spacey creating a cerebral mind warp. This long-lasting high can lead to periods of relaxation and just watching the world go by. This i..
Gorilla Glue #4
Gorilla glue is a hard-hitting Indica dominant hybrid strain from the US. This couch locker will relax you with euphoric highs and a powerful body stone leaving you totally chilled. Producing dense sticky buds dripping in resin, which will glue literally everything together, hence the name. The earthy and sour aromas a..
Sour Diesel
A Sativa dominant strain from the US. Sour diesel is one of the most widely smoked sativas around, which is very popular with medical patients due to its energising effects. The sativa genetics make sour diesel a perfect start to the day and produces feelings of get up and go. This fast-acting strain effects the brain ..