Auto Flowering Seeds

Auto 710 Cheese

Cheese is a legendary Strain which originated in the UK and has become renowned and well-loved worldwide. 

The unique smell and flavour of this sturdy, robust and reliable autoflowering cannabis seed plant has an intense, long-lasting, mouth-watering Indica flavour of cheese. But there’s more than just taste to this strain.

The flowers on this plant have a thick coating of frosted crystals with long, outstretched leaves and slim stalks. These flowers produce dense and plentiful colas and when exposed to the adequate low temperatures they obtain a light violet colour.

The buzz produces a well-balanced effect with a good physical and cerebral mixture.

Flowering Time8 weeks
Flowering TypeMostly indica
GeneticsUK Skunk & Afghani
SexAuto flowering, feminised
THC content10-15%